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Lithuanian Out Loud 0298 – Be Tavęs Without You



LL0298 – Be Tavęs Without You   Hey, everybody, just a quick note before we get to the show…If you’d like to help keep Lithuanian Out Loud stay online and help us keep the episodes coming, we could use your help. Please go to the Lithuanian Out Loud home page and you’ll see a “donate” button. If you could please send us whatever you’re comfortable with, we would greatly appreciate it. Since 2007, Lithuanian Out Loud episodes, pdf files, flash cards, exam episodes, and everything else have been and will continue to be 100% free. We don’t charge you anything and we don’t bother you with ads on the podcast. If you want to help keep the podcast going, please help us by making a donation. You can make a difference by supporting us in our efforts to continue podcasting the language that we all love!   Also, when you go to the Lithuanian Out Loud home page, you’ll see episodes are a little easier to sort through. Episodes are now sorted by type. On your phone, click on the small box in the upper right-hand corner, c