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Naughty Parole Officer Breaks out The Boring County Jail Job



I'm Janet and I'm a Parole Officer for the county jail here of the suburbs of DC. My job is pretty boring, but at least it was until I had to sit down with a petty intimate his name is Rusty Fireball Jones, which as it turn out became more of a lay down. You see Fireball comes in once month for check in. Often times, we have to track his a** down and drag him in. He isn’t much for getting on the good side of the law and staying there for long. Well, yesterday he came in and took such a long stare at me I couldn't help but pull attitude. Listen more on this wild county jail experience with me and Rusty Fireball Jones.Get your FREE gun for your pussy at If you're hard tight on cash, listen we've got aPromo Code that will give your sorry a** a 50% Discount Code to use in their site. It's DIRTY50. They'll toss in FREE Shipping, FREE Adult DVD's, and a FREE Mystery Gift. Better use it quick because it's only around for a limited time.