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Growing up Gracie, With Bellator Fighter Khonry Gracie: JJT Podcast #100



ELECTRUM PERFORMANCE (Code JJT25 for 25% Off!) https://electrumperformance.com/ No Judges Needed (Code JJT for 20% Off!) https://www.nojudgesneeded.com/ We hit triple digits baby! Episode 100 of the JJT Podcast is finally here for your waiting ear holes. BJJ Royalty and MMA fighter Khonry Gracie joins Kevin's B+G to discuss his wild life and future aspirations. We go over what it's like to grow up in a family of fighters, having everyone wanting to take you out, and living up to the Gracie name. Enjoy this one folks, we all worked hard to get here. Thank you for listening for the past 100 episodes, and we hope you continue to enjoy our content in the future!