Knowing Animals

Episode 157: Precision livestock farming with Ian Werkheiser



On this episode of Knowing Animals, we are joined by Dr Ian Werkheiser. Ian is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and is the director of the Center for Collaboration and Ethics at the University. We talk about Ian’s paper “Precision Livestock Farming and Farmers’ Duties to Livestock”, which was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics as part of a special issue on “Engineering and Animal Ethics”, which was co-edited by Professor Clare Palmer and Professor Gary Varner. This episode of Knowing Animals is brought to you by AASA. AASA is the Australasian Animal Studies Association. You can find AASA on Facebook here: Join AASA today! This episode if also brought to you by Animal Publics, a special Animal Studies series at the Sydney University Press: Knowing Animals i