Simpleflight Radio

Build A Plane; Build A Life, Mike Ojo, April 12, 2020 (S8E15)



Marc commonly says that YouTube is his favorite app.  The main reason comes down to access to education and people doing really cool things.  And as no surprise, Marc spends a lot of time watching aviation videos.  One of the "Tubers", Mike Ojo ( became a favorite of Marc's, due to his love of aviation and diversity of topics he covered. With Brandon out of pocket, earning his VisionJet Type rating, Marc went solo in talking with Mike about the genesis of his channel and the back story of how it came to be and where he's taking it.  Then recently, he made a major shift, with the decision to purchase and build a Sling TSI.  And he's bringing all his listeners along for the ride.   Listen in to this episode of SimpleFlight Radio and learn what it takes and the surprises that come along with purchasing a kit plane.  You'll also hear Mike talk about not building a plane, but rather building a life around flying.  Now that's a concept we can all get behind. We're interested to have you join the discus