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Ownership Part 3 - Leaseback, September 20, 2020 (S9E3)



The last two shows have focused on airplane ownership from both a sole owner and a partnership perspective.  As we close out our trilogy, Brandon and Marc are joined by Steve Rogers, owner of a beautiful 2004 Glass Panel Archer.  Steve bought the plane off the manufacturing floor in 2005 after making the decision to pay for it by "leasing it back" to a flight school or flying club.  A lot has happened over the last 15 years with technology, the economy, costs, etc.  Yet through it all, the Archer continues to look and fly like a new airplane.  That is due to a flying club that treats it like they own it, and even more important, to an owner that is committed to the safety and pride factor of anyone that flies her.  Steve is often called the best leaseback owner that any flying organization could have.  He loves owning the plane and loves helping people achieve their aviation dreams in his plane.  We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as Brandon and Marc did.  Not only was it educational, but we enjoyed t