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Pacific On The Right, Curtis Pierce, Nov 1, 2020 (S9E4)



After the last three shows on airplane ownership, it's only natural to talk about what comes next.  And of course the answer is, TAKE A TRIP.  But where?  I suspect if I asked all of you, the answer wouldn't be to take a 5,000 mile, 63 hour international flight over 2 1/2 weeks.     But that's exactly what tonight's guest did.  Join us as we "sit down" with Curtis Pierce, a Phoenix-based airline pilot, proud Mooney owner, and now an author.  His memoir, "Pacific On The Right", takes us back 20 years as a young CFI, Curtis joined with a freshly minted private pilot, who bought a new 172 and decided to reposition it to Santiago, Chile.   Listen as Brandon and Marc discuss, the planning, the language and culture challenges, weather, and even landing at an airport that hadn't seen an airplane in over 5 years.  Talk about a challenging first flight!!!  How about you?  What was your longest flight?  Anything international?  What did you put in the log book.  We'd love to hear your story.  Please share it with the r