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Air Zoo @ KAZO, Fun To Say, Fun To See, March 7, 2021 (S9E7)



As the world starts thinking about getting back to normal, the question comes up, "What is normal?"  For each of us, it's a different answer.  Among the community of avgeeks, it generally means joining with other pilots in getting back in the airplane and finding destinations. For many, an aviation museum is a special place, as it connects us with aviation across the generations.  There are many places of note across the United States, but one gem is found at the Kalamazoo Michigan airport (KAZO).  Never heard about it?  This is your chance to get up close and personal with what makes the AirZoo at KAZO ( a perfect destination for all those that love aviation and their friends and families.  Join Brandon and Marc as they sit down with President and CEO, Troy Thrash and the AirZoo's Restoration Manager, Greg Ward.  It's obvious both these gentlemen love what they do and take pride in being part of a special team.  You'll learn what makes the museum tick, how it operates, and how the team includes th