Porn Minus Porn

109: The Angelina Effect



In this episode, Club Embryo hires a smokin' hot new bartender named Nikki.  The entire cast is transfixed by her sheer sexual charisma. Porn Minus Porn is a live recording of Under the Gun Theater's recreation of a script from the adult Cinemax series, "Life on Top."  The actors received their scripts only after stepping on stage. Learn about the show at See the live show in Chicago! Follow Porn Minus Porn on Twitter Like Porn Minus Porn on Facebook This show's cast: Ben Bowman, Sam Howard, Claire Swanson, Jennifer Kaesheimer, Allison Reese, Catharine Savage, Kevin Mullaney, Sam Kyker, Tim Lee, Greg Callozzo and Adam Shalzi. Porn Minus Porn is a production of 5th Quarter Media