Porn Minus Porn

116: Girls Night Out



Sophie, Regina, Bella and Maya blow off steam at a night club.  Maya's kickboxing trainer shares his true feelings.  And Sophie's boss Avi ascends to super-creep status. You may note we've got an episode missing before this one.  A technical glitch botched the recording.  We'll bring you Episode 115 down the road for completion's sake. In Porn Minus Porn, the Under the Gun Theater ensemble receives their scripts only after stepping on stage.  They must read this real adult film script without preparation. Learn about the show at See the live show in Chicago! Follow Porn Minus Porn on Twitter Like Porn Minus Porn on Facebook This show's cast: Ben Bowman, Bre Brown, Kristen Rau, Jennifer Kaesheimer, Emily Hock, McKenzie Morrell, Kannan Arumugam, Alex LeBaron, Sam Kyker and Matt Pina Porn Minus Porn is a production of 5th Quarter Media