Porn Minus Porn

Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody



How hard could it be to make a decent Star Wars porn parody? Apparently very hard. Listen to a lackluster retelling of the original Star Wars film that somehow includes just four sex scenes, each less inspired than the last. They didn't even come up with "sexy" versions of the original character names! Dong Vader? Hand Solo? Princess Lay-ya? Luke Skyhumper? Nothin'. It's disturbingly lazy, even for porn. In Porn Minus Porn, the Under the Gun Theater ensemble receives their scripts only after stepping on stage.  They must read this real adult film script without preparation. Learn about the show at See the live show in Chicago! Follow Porn Minus Porn on Twitter Like Porn Minus Porn on Facebook This show's cast: Ben Bowman, Nick Bernardi, Elise Jordan, Allie Keller, Bre Brown, Sam Kyker, Matt Fox, Ross Compton, Adam Shalzi and Bill Stern. Porn Minus Porn is a production of 5th Quarter Media