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021: Interview with Ms. Delaware America, Sheri Jenkins



Sheri Jenkins is a wife, mother, advocate, entrepreneur and Ms. Delaware America 2015.  She has been involved with the Delaware and Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition as annual chair for Northern Lights of Life and volunteers at countless events.   Sheri led the efforts as event chair for the inaugural Go Red Luncheon benefitting the American Heart Association and continues her participation in this event as the fashion show coordinator. With 20 years’ experience as a professional development manager, she developed curriculums for adult communication and leadership skills.  She is also a licensed real estate agent and certified life coach.  Links: National Breast Cancer Coalition Ms. America Pageant Watch the Pageant Online: Alert The Globe Sheri's Facebook Profile Sheri's Ms. Delaware America Facebook Page Sheri's Instagram     © Alycia Darby Zimnoch 2015 Win A Pageant  All Rights Reserved.