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QED 19: Dependency Tracking



The number of degrees of freedom in a system is equal to its number of unknowns minus its number of equations. That is also equal to the number of independent variables in the system. Dependent variables do not contribute degrees of freedom. However, by taking advantage of determinism, we can compute at run time the set of independent variables upon which a dependent variable depends. This gives libraries like Update Controls, Assisticant, and Knockout the ability to figure out when to update the view with extreme efficiency. Both C# and Java have enumerables. These are interfaces understood by the looping constructs of the language itself. Unfortunately, it is unsafe to modify a collection while using an iterator. But immutable data types hold the key, and should be the preferred way of managing collections. Prime numbers are the building blocks of all natural numbers. Godel used them to prove his Incompleteness Theorem. There are many mind-blowing facts that we know about prime numbers, such as the general