Anti-Racism and Authentic Engagement (Chas Moore, Austin Justice Coalition)



In a first for The Hustle, we're tackling important subject matter outside the realm of design. In a conversation led by our Guest Host, Tony Sanchez, a Design Lead at Funsize, Chas Moore joined us to discuss the public outcry and wave of activism in the wake of George Floyd's murder. Chas is the Executive Director of Austin Justice Coalition, an activist-led organization that educates and builds community power for people of color who live in Austin, Texas. We're extremely grateful to have him on the show to provide insight into this important time in American history. We cover: Austin Justice Coalition's missionWhy George Floyd's murder was so impactfulWhat it's like to be in the local spotlight during this important movementResulting change from increased attention on racial violenceWhat liberation looks likeBeing authentically engaged with the causeThe current undertakings of Austin Justice CoalitionVisit the Funsize websiteSubscribe to The Funsize Digest