Fitt Talk

Episode 132 - Every master started as a disaster



Items Mentioned In This Podcast In this episode we talk about the ground 0, the starting point of your goal. The moment you doubt yourself, the moment you ak your peers what should you do, the moment you don't feel like being good enough. That's exactly what I will help you overcome in today's episode! Tune in right now to get empowered! - Perfection is the enemy of action - The importance of the "Now" - Why all successful people tell you to be patient?! - And so much more Want your question answered on the show? Send it to us through: - Our website ( - Marc’s Facebook: - Marc’s Instagram: - Marc's Twitter: Get a discount using “FittTalk” as a code to save 10% on everything from: - Rise ( - The Fitt Store ( - Maison Nord Store (