Fitt Talk

Maxx Chewning X Marc Fitt - Ever Forward



In this second episode, we meet with Maxx Chewning the king of deadlift. Watch the full video: Download Maxx's Training: What you will learn? - Maxx's top 3 power tips to reach your goal and maintain them. - Maxx's biggest mistake, and how he overcame this obstacle. - Maxx's message to someone who's about to give up. - Maxx's mental queue before deadlifting heavy weights. - What Maxx think about challenges and failures and much more If you are looking to learn more about sumo deadlift and how to increase your weights, then this episode is for you! Make sure to watch the entire video because there's a lot of crucial information to make you more successful in the gym and in life! Enjoy! Maxx Chewning on social: Instagram: YouTube: - Our website ( - Marc’s Facebook: - Marc’s Instagram: - Marc's Twitter: www.twi