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Dr. Alicia Danforth



Dr. Alicia Danforth explains the incredible healing benefits of combining psychedelics with traditional psychotherapy. Dr. Danforth, a transpersonal psychotherapist, is an expert researcher in this field and explains the medicinal benefits of psilocybin (the psychoactive compound in 'magic mushrooms'). Dr. Danforth was a researcher in the Harbor UCLA Medical Center study that found psilocybin reduced anxiety in patients diagnosed with terminal cancer. In the study, 12 subjects diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer and anxiety were given psilocybin which improved their moods and reduced anxiety for the long term ( ). Dr. Danforth describes why she thinks MDMA has the potential to treat social anxiety in autistic adults. For more information on natural medicines and therapies please visit . For more information on Dr. Danforth visit