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Editing Your Style and Launching a Design Business with Heylee Heep



Earlier last week, I shared Heylee Heep's Style Story on the blog and today - after traveling to Salt Lake City and back for the Alt Summit conference - I'm back with a her podcast interview. Get ready for some serious design savvy. Heylee is a master of editing and in today's episode she's going to share a few pro tips on how to edit your own space and wardrobe plus reasons why you should consider working with a neutral color palette and what it was like to launch her styling business.    Podcast reference links: White Elephant Antiques Lula B's Give and Take Oil and Cotton Design*Sponge Remodelista 'Illustrator' on Nicole's Classes Furbish Studio High Street Market Zara J. Crew Madewell   Closing note: Our Style Stories podcast is very much in the growing phase of things but you can help it grow! Leave a review in iTunes and help make this show that much more visible to new listeners in the process. Simply follow THIS LINK to leave your review.