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Colorful Spontaneity with Kelly Christine Sutton



Kelly Christine Sutton is a photographer, film-maker, plant whisperer and rainbow decorator. In her words, her style is colorful and spontaneous. If you've seen her Style Story, I'm sure you're dying to hear the rest of her story! Today we're chatting about her creative impulses and stylish preferences. I've changed up my usual questions for some new, more style focused inquiries. You'll learn about Kelly's personal style from all angles... fashion, home, morning rituals, creative career, travel, music, dining and more! Podcast reference links: VeeCaravan (& Christine's Style Story!) Kelly Christine Photo Kelly Christine Films First Monday Canton Karen Musgraves El Come Cane Rosso Brett Dennen   Kelly sells prints of her photographs online and we've arranged A SPECIAL GIVEAWAY for Our Style Stories' readers - your choice of an 8 x 12 print from Kelly's collection!! Her photos are so wonderfully interesting and colorful. To enter, hop over to our Instagram accounts HERE and HERE where you'll find entry