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What Is Too Much & Other 50th Episode Musings



You may have thought I left podcasting (I wouldn't blame you... it's been forever), but NOPE! I'm still at it. In fact, this is officially my 50th episode, if you can believe it! Who knew? (I nearly missed it myself.) Turns out, I've been at this whole podcasting thing for quite some time but when you publish as irregularly as I do, 50 episodes takes ya a while. But no matter. I'm not letting that get in my way of creative expression and experimentation!  Speaking of which, today's show is a bit unusual for Our Style Stories. It's just me (no Style Story guest) riffing on a topic that has been nagging me for the past few months. Aspiration versus contentment. What is too much of one and not enough of the other? And how do I manage the pitfalls of comparison and the vicious perfectionist's cycle that can be Pinterest and Instagram? I discuss all that plus more. Don't worry, I won't be preaching from my soapbox every episode! ;-)    Show Notes: My styling portfolio Magnolia Home Real Talk with Real Moms... On