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What Is Personal Style, Anyways?



Today's episode is courtesy of years worth of pondering on the subject of personal style. What it represents... how it's developed... where it comes from... how it manifests itself. Indulge me as I take a brief dive into these thoughts and more in today's podcast show. Additionally, get the scoop on two books I HIGHLY recommend for personal growth and personal style development. Plus, a few quotes to get your week going!   "...It is a compass for creating a life that reflects what's true to you in every way. From your wisdom to your wardrobe, from your longings to your living room - [it] is where your essence meets your expression."  Quote from Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte   Show Notes: Style Statement Danielle LaPorte The Fire Starter Sessions The Desire Map Design*Sponge at Home In the Company of Women Mary Going of Saint Harridan Ira Glass on Storytelling   "You have to be willing to be bad at it in order to be good at it." - Mary Going