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CA063: How to start and finish anything with Tom Boother



If you ever wondered how to start and finish anything in life, then you can’t help but be inspired by Tom Boother’s story. “Become the thing, complete the challenge!” Tom Boother Tom Boother studied politics at the University of Leicester. And on graduating he did what all graduates do and sought to become a racing driver. Unfortunately, however, racing driving did not seek him and he was unsuccessful in securing the necessary funds to race at the level he wanted. So he returned to college to study Law, at the College of Law in London. It was whilst here, and with no athletic ability that Tom literally stumbled into the bizarre world of Ultra running. Ultra Running is an extreme form of running where runners typically cover large distances over rugged and challenging terrains. What’s a large distance, we hear you cry? Well, the official definition is anything over a marathon, though in reality the distances are considerably longer and the ground significantly rougher! Using the metaphor of Ultra Running, To