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CA065: Exploring creativity with Luke Strickland



“I really want to help people to be the best expression of who they’re made to be. And often I think we need people to call that out of us” ― Luke Strickland Our guest this week is Luke Strickland of The Potting Shed Podcast who joined us in the studio to help us with exploring creativity. About Luke Strickland Writer, thinker and dreamer Luke Strickland, is the host of the The Potting Shed Podcast, an eclectic exploration of a variety of topics helping you to be the person you’re created to be. His warm, engaging style is like a chat with a supportive friend. In the best Potting Shed traditions, it is nurturing - nurturing and guiding with honesty and humour as he shares his struggles and successes along life’s way. Join us as he talks about exploring creativity in his life and how you can do the same in yours. Episode 65 of the Changeability Podcast In this week’s episode, we explore: Why Luke named his podcast ‘The Potting Shed Podcast’ and what he gets up to in it How to make space for your dreams Rele