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CA072: How to free up your time and energy with Rob Cubbon



I just don’t have the time If you find yourself complaining you don’t have time to do what want because you’re too busy, here’s 12 suggestions of how to free up your time and energy. They come from our guest on episode 72 of the Changeability Podcast, Rob Cubbon, who shares interesting insights into the drains on our time and energy that sap us of the will to achieve what we want in life. If you recognise the name it’s because we talked with best-selling author Rob Cubbon in episode 58 about his book: ‘Free your thoughts: How I re-programmed myself for happiness and how you can too.’ We realised there was one aspect of the book that deserved wider coverage, so invited Rob back to discuss his advice on how to free up your time and energy. The rationale If you spend your time involved in negativity, you’re not using that energy and time for more positive pursuits. Look at your habits, would you have more time and energy if you did without them. What are these activities and habits we’d be better off without? Ho