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CA075: Making your goals a reality with Richard Scott



“You can prepare yourself for success, you can step into the feeling of actually having achieved the goal, see what it feels like, tweak it a little bit and see if it really is the goal that you’re after.” ~ Richard Scott Today’s guest on the Changeability Podcast is Brisbane based, Richard Scott at  We asked him onto the show for his valuable insights on the subject of goals, goal-setting and making your goals a reality. Richard’s work combines Psychology, NLP and CBT with traditional and modern hypnosis to bring the latest techniques in mindset motivation, psychotherapy, and stress management. Richard's highly successful techniques are world renowned with clients spanning over 30 countries, including celebrities, world champion sports stars, members of royalty, X-factor finalists, government, special forces and everyday people from all walks of life. We’re sort of guessing, we’re the latter of that list!  Episode 75 of the Changeability Podcast On this week’s episode: Why Richard is collectin