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CA077: A smart guide to SMART goals



In this week’s episode of the Changeability Podcast we’re talking goals and more specifically we’re talking SMART goals.  What are they and why do people like them – in our smart guide to SMART goals. ‘Goals are dreams we convert to plans and take action to fulfil.’ Zig Ziglar As we write this, we’re three weeks into 2016 and so far this year we've been thinking about goals. In episode 74 we looked at why some people don’t like the idea of goals or setting goals and some ways to overcome those objections. We chatted to Richard Scott in episode 75 about his experiences and insights into goals and how to achieve them. On last week’s show, in episode 76, we thought about why our brains like having goals. We’re at the end of a very goal focused week ourselves, having been working on two specific goals of our own simultaneously. One of which is ironically about goals – to finish writing all the scripts for our new goals course. And the other goal is to transfer this website over to a new theme (Thrive themes if