The Highly Sensitive Person Podcast

07: Explaining HSP to Your Partner



Now that you've learned about high sensitivity, you may feel like a weight has been lifted off you. You feel more accepting of yourself and realize you aren't alone. You aren't weird! But how do you share this information with the most important person in your life? It can be hard to explain a concept like high sensitivity, especially to people who are skeptical (like my husband!) In this Episode 7 of the HSP Podcast, I have an imaginary conversation with a partner, wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend to try to explain HSP in an easily-digestible way. If you like the podcast, please leave a rating and review in iTunes. It would very appreciated. Related Posts on A conversation with your non-HSP partner Should you tell people that you are an HSP? Interview: “My Partner is a Highly Sensitive Person” How do you explain to your partner that simply being around people takes energy? How to Explain Being an HSP to Your Partner Starter Kit for People in a Relationship with an HSP Podc