The Highly Sensitive Person Podcast

14: So. Much. Empathy



Episode 14 of the Highly Sensitive Person Podcast is about empathy, which is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another being. I talk about wondering if Muay Thai fighters are lonely or sad, and crying about the tragedies of people I don't think I have a right to be that sad about. If you like the podcast, please say "thanks" by leaving a review on iTunes! And sign up for the weekly newsletter to be notified of the latest blog posts, podcast episodes, and HSP news. Mentioned on this episode: Dr. Elaine Aron's empathy brain study Further reading: On this blog: Fearing other people's death On this blog: Feeling the physical pain of others The Condolence Note Coach website - a wonderful resource helping people deal with and write condolence notes A Few Suggestions for "Regulating" Fear, Grief, Anger, and Joy by Elaine Aron Being empathic versus being empath - crucial differences Podcast music attribution: By the Coast (2004) (Antony Raijekov) / CC BY-NC 2.5