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56. Best Jobs for HSPs (revisited)



In the past, I've talked about what I thought were the best jobs for HSPs--and even the #1 best job (working for oneself). But over time, my thoughts on this have changed. In today's show, I explain how the best job for HSPs....depends. On so many factors. I also cover some of the challenges of working for oneself, and the one question you can ask a potential employer to help decide of their company culture will be a good fit. Resources mentioned on the show: The One Question You Should Ask About Every Job New York Times Other posts on this blog about jobs & careers: Here’s the best job for a highly sensitive person (or podcast version) Jobs and Careers for Highly Sensitive Persons (or podcast version) Is self-employment really the best for HSPs? HSP episode 50: how to stop wanting to escape your job HSP episode 33: An introvert in an extrovert’s job Want to support the show? If you enjoy my podcast and blog, if you find it helpful, uplifting, or entertaining, that's awesome! Would you consider giving