The Highly Sensitive Person Podcast

66. The worst places on earth for HSPs



Overstimulation. Noise, chaos, bright lights, smells, crowds. These are the highly sensitive person's kryptonite. I've brainstormed a list of what I think are the worst places on earth for HSPs. This episode is a little different than most—this isn’t advice, or a serious topic. It is sort of tongue-in-cheek, a little sarcastic, and even a bit silly. It’s more about pondering all the things that set off HSPs and then thinking which places have a lot of those things. So, disclaimer: don’t take this too seriously. Not everyone will agree with this list.   **NEWS** 1. In the next week or two, I'm doing a call-in show! You can call me on Skype and ask questions or just share your thoughts and comments on high sensitivity. Make sure you're on my twice-monthly mailing list to get the details and times. Visit   2. I'm creating an HSP Entrepreneur Mastermind group! This small, select group will be facilitated by me, and will meet virtually on a regular basis to share and get support for proj