Missed Apex F1 Podcast

Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021 Race Review



Spanners and Trumpets are joined by Bradley “Vettel Beater” Philpot and Kyle ‘Edgy’ Power as they red flag their way through the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. From the Rejects’ Podium to Pirelli’s tribulations, from strategic triumphs to Mercedes’ catastrophes, no standing restart goes unmagicked in this, the latest episode of Missed Apex Podcast!Please consider supporting us on patreon. We exist only because of our patron support: Missed Apex F1 is creating PodcastsIf you’d like to contribute to project improvements or just buy us a pint then please use our Tip Jar . We use tip jar funds for equipment and services to improve the missed apex project (unless you tell us it’s for beer) Spanners Ready Spanners