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QED 11: The Lambda Calculus



Alonzo Church invented The Lambda Calculus as a simple set of rules that, when applied correctly, could compute anything that you could do with a pencil and paper. But all it is is simple replacement. Learn the basics of lambda expressions so that we can build on this theory of computation. As we celebrate pi day in the States (where we put the month in the wrong place -- 3/14/15), let's see how we go about computing the digits of pi. We'll start out with a simple geometric method, and progress through more modern techniques, until we arive at a truly surprising and remarkable formula. When John von Neumann created Game Theory, he showed how it can sometimes find an optamal strategy. But there's one game for which it fails completely. Find out why The Prisoner's Dilemma is such a tricky problem, and how a fair algorithm was found to be the best possible solution.