Milk Of Minutia Podcast

S3.EP3 - Jamie Flam featuring the music of Paul Terra



This episode, we proudly welcome Jamie Flam from The Long Shot podcast. During our conversation, Jamie talks about his personal growth and evolution over the last 2 years of being involved with The Long Shot. He speaks candidly with us about his role on the show, his initial disappointment with how he felt he was depicted, his relationship with co-host Sean Conroy, meeting his comedy heroes (as the booker of LA's Improv Lab), his work with Vanessa Raglund in their comedy duo The Spanglers and his long-term plans to ultimately ENCHANT the world. We also feature the infectious hip-hop stylings of Orlando, Florida rapper/producer Paul Terra. Paul's debut album is titled Terrabite. Jamie Flam can be found online at and . For more from Paul Terra, check out and Special thanks to Joel Mandelkorn of Cleft Clips for the audio of The Spanglers performance of their song '1956'. For more performance clips from some of top talents