No Rubber

You're not mine



Just a friend, your bestfriend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your lover, your friend with benifits, your f buddy! We're talking about titles!! Are you only in a relationship when you are married? Some say, you have more fun and "it's" less complicated when the parties involved aren't worried on what they are to each other! Some say, you sleep better at night knowing the other party is "yours"... Do you care about placing a title or definition on your relationships? If you do, when does it become important? If you don't put an emphasis on relationship titles, why not? What are the benefits & harms to placing a title on your "situation"? The other part of the show focuses on the "main chick/dude" being overthrown by the side joint! We talk about being complacent! Not getting to comfortable in a relation and not progressing or putting forth effort! How does one take the place of the main joint? Who is to blame for the overthrow? This episode is all about commitment, complications, & communication! Come lis