No Rubber

It's 50



YESSS!!! One Year, 50 episodes... a lot has changed since our first... a lot of lessons... a lot of fun... a lot of growth... & a lot of LOVE!!! THANK YOU GUYS FOR RIDING WITH US.... Pause!! We started this as a way to get our thoughts and view points out on a wide array of topics to you guys to see how our "rawness" would play out! We've had some great episodes... and some not so great (lol)! But we kept coming back almost every week because you guys kept coming back! It's time to thank, celebrate, and figure out what's next for No Rubber! Shout out to the listeners, callers, and chatroomers!!! Also the fill-in cohosts along the way.... saving my life!! And our forced-into-job producer, Neodoby (@Neodoby)! If you missed any episode in the past, you would be doing yourself an injustice if u miss this episode!! Come share your thoughts, views, and memories (7PM Eastern Time)! Come listen, laugh, learn, and GO RAW!!! Twitter @No_Rubber @BmoreNigerian @Bmoreguy03