No Rubber

You Wanna Be Famous



YES!!! WE'RE BACK!!! TIME OFF WAS WELL NEEDED!! Here's to the future *cheers*!! Tomorrow we have a special show for you guys!! You wanna be famous aka the MINORITY REPORT episode!! We talk about the "Attention Whores"... the mofos in the media that we have spent so much time on! We want to cast a larger microscope on the minor figures making a major impact in the media. Why do people pay so much attention to these characters- pseudo celebrities?? What would you do in their position? Some say fame is the gift and the curse... do you want to be famous?? What do you see people in the media do that bothers you? HOW DO WE RECTIFY THE DISEASE!! Come Listen Laugh Learn and GO RAW!!! Twitter @No_Rubber @BmoreNigerian !!! Be there! Wed (9/1) 7pm EST!!! (347)857-2021