No Rubber




WE'RE BACKKKKK!!!!!!! YES!!! BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! No Rubber Special (11/23 @ 7pm EST!) coming back to you on Thankful Tuesdays! The time away was beneficial! A lot has changed.... and unfortunately, some things haven't! This episode is to get everybody back on what really matters! We have a couple of topics we wanna throw on the table! We need No Rubber Nation to bring it! Contribute to the discussion! WE ALL HAVE TO DO BETTER!! Topics: "WHAT THE HELL is Marriage Material??" "Many Talk about being able to get'em, but nobody seems to be able to KEEP'EM?" Why is that?? "Aren't WE TOO OLD FOR THIS??" That topic goes in to what we are way too old to still be doing!! "What do or don't we do??" We explore relationships from the standpoint of who is too giving and who is not giving enough. Balance and Expectations! "Who is to blame for our troubles in relationships?" And finally, "SOCIAL NETWORKS?" ARE THEY ADVANTAGIOUS IN ANY WAY?? How can they, or in what ways have they destroyed a/ your relationships?? Come