No Rubber

You Fancy Huh?



.... Got your hair done, nails done, everything did! Morphing, Dwarfing, Romancing, Enhancing, Revealing, Concealing, Disguising, Surprising, Disgusting, Lusting MAKE-UP!!!! LADIES!! Help US OUT!! We are talking about "beauty enhancers"! From Make-up to weaves.... when is it too much? When is it not enough? Where is the medium? Are you a fan/ proponent of the natural look? Or to do you favor the cosmetically enhanced looks? Why do you feel strongly about your side? Why do you think there is so much negativity towards your side? Are you your hair or your make-up? Why do you feel the need to tack on gobs of make-up? Why do you feel it necessary to "go natural"? What is beauty? We will tackle these topics and more surrounding women & make-up! Come Listen, Laugh, Learn, & Go Raw! Twitter @No_Rubber or @BmoreNigerian