No Rubber

Wrap Up!!!



Yep! It's about that time No Rubber puts the rubber back on! Time to wrap it up.... For Now! The show appears to be coming to an end! We had a long successful run and we thank you guys for being there from the beginning and sticking with us to the end. We'll explain everything during the show including new projects for the host & reasons for the sudden end to the No Rubber radio era on Blog Talk Radio! We Love You guys! Without you, there is no No Rubber! Come celebrate you! Plus, we do have a topic!! Are You Loyal? What defines loyalty to you? To what degree are you loyal? Truthfulness? Faithfulness? Sticking to your word? Sacrifices yourself? Protecting a secret? Having someone's back? Grabbing a grenade?? come Listen, Laugh, Learn, and Go Raw ONE MORE TIME!! @No_Rubber @BmoreNigerian @Bmore4Life