The Architecture Happy Hour

Designing Your Home to Survive Extreme Weather



Who knew five inches of snow could bring the entire state of Texas to its knees? A week of extreme cold and unprecedented snow caused near catastrophic effects on the state's electric grid and utility providers. Many homes and businesses suffered extensive damage from busted pipes and flooding. In Episode 92 of The Architecture Happy Hour podcast, co-hosts and residential architects Laura Davis and Holly Hall talk about all that went wrong during the massive winter storm that hit Texas and much of the southern US in February 2021 and how to protect your home from the freezing temperatures. In this episode: What can go wrong in extreme temperatures? What you can do to your current home to protect it? How to design severe weather safeguards into a new home or remodel? Necessary systems such as, electricity, plumbing, heating, cooking, driving, and services and food delivery are extremely vulnerable in winter weather. Products mentioned in this podcast: Armaflex pipe insulation Home generators Wh