Kizuna - True Voice Connection To Life

Talk About Energy, Ki, Qi -Your Root Energy and New Reality Embodiment



New Reality Embociment Resource List Register today and get your online live ticket! By consciously Articulate New Reality (future) You, helps you embody the outcome chosen by your whole hearted wishes.  It gives us opportunity identify full of core essence which related to your heart of the matter, True Voice.  Focus on own root energy, re calming is the key.Join Ami Max on this journey of learning about Ki, energy from unique approach using "word" as a tool. Japanese uses so many of this particular word "Ki" in daily communication dialog. The word "Rei Ki" might be more than familia if you're with healing field. That "Ki" is just one of so many application of the word Ki/energy. Ami shares Ki related awareness and application through her realization.  Join Ami, learn about Ki = energy from new angle, logically fun way! so that may bring clear view which help make sense to what shows up in life.