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Efed Guerillas Mothership Saturday Nights - The Conclusion



La Madre Loco earned the right to run her own episode of Efed Guerillas by donating $25 or more to Justin Herron's gofundme. http://gofundme.com/herrondeklefund. El Gringo Loco's mom will interview Ashley Friend, Keegan, and Angie (handler of Boardwalk Wrestling's Julliet Brooks) about their time in the hobby and what they enjoy about efedding! Also, EFG says goodbye to the last of the original three Efed Guerillas before El Gringo Loco moves on to his next project!Links:http://gofundme.com/herrondeklefundhttp://gofundme.com/raineolesenhttp://boardwalkwrestling.comhttp://hcwrestling.co.ukhttp://joltwrestling.com