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Twin Stars Book Two, Episode Seven (207) - Ghosts



Twin Stars: Book 2, Episode 7 – Ghosts Written and Produced by Robyn Paterson Mixed by BrushmenReturning from the Empire to Sulvan-Kay, Ping-An attempts to rally her forces for war. Meanwhile, Sophie Farmer has a fateful meeting with Captain Ketch.Starring:Ping-An- Melissa D. JohnsonSophie- Cathy RinellaBetsey- Niko FordTomlin- Nick PatrellaKetch- Steve RiekebergHassan- Daniel WhitelawDavis- Althea AseocheCaptain Argus- Gareth BowleyCaptain Tell: Michelle-Casey BurtonOpening Music: Beyond Infinity by Peter ChenClosing Music: Victorious Day by Maestro RageAdditional Music:1. Autumn Colours (MarkySpark, newgrounds:179581), The Ancients (Matti Paalanen)2. The Beautiful Savage (MilkMan-Dan, newgrounds:87461)3. Our Moment (Winterwind-NS, newgrounds:99888)4. Dreams Without Fear (WinterWind, newgrounds:44740)5. Mystic River, Angel's Redemption (Matti Paalanen)6. One Day (Peter Chen)7. Pieces of Clouds (Peter Chen)8. Hope of Rebirth (Matti Paalanen)9. Traveling For Italy (Stefano Maccarelli)sound effects:sounddogs.co