Kung Fu Action Theatre

Little Gou and the Standing Engagement (Remastered)



Little Gou and the Standing EngagementWritten and Produced by: Robyn PatersonStarringRobyn Paterson as Little GouFiona Thraille [fthrll] as Sister CatRosegirl18 as Little RoseTy Konzak [Aramek] as Old Man WenRiver Kanoff as Tiger FangwithPerfect as Dragon EyeDrifer XGS as the ThugAmanda Price [Pyrrhical] as Inn Girl 1 and the Servant GirlandAlanna [Scarlotte] as Inn Girl 2Intro Music: Sacred China by DJ SvenzoEnd Music: Stories of the Silk Road by Test Subject AScene 6 Music: Chinese Sweets by DJ SvenzoSound Effects found on:The Apple iLife Sound Effects CollectionFindsounds.comFreesounds:25452_Freqman_Backgrouns_Bar25453_Freqman_Background_Bar12733_Leady_pick_up_briefcase23237_dobroide_20060930_door22604_martypinso_DMP010037_CRICKETS_TEXAS_19291_Cloth Rustle3981_plagasul_cadenas_chains45420_Frank_Ostrander_Small_ChainCasting done on Voiceactingalliance.comThis work and all of it’s characters are copyright Robyn Paterson and Kung Fu Action Theatre. All Rights reserved.This step into adventure and others can b