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Twin Stars- Book Two, Episode Nine (209)- Showdown, Part 1



Twin Stars: Book 2, Episode 9 – ShowdownWritten and Produced by Robyn PatersonThe Pacification Fleet is coming, and Ping-An’s fleet rushes to prepare to face them- but with the deadliest fleet in the Empire arrayed against them, will all their efforts be enough?Starring:Ping-An- Melissa D. JohnsonBetsey- Niko FordTomlin- Nick PatrellaCmdr. Vasquez- Justin CharlesLt. Harrison- Andy WelchSquire Yuki- Tisch "TC" ParmeleeKetch- Steve RiekebergRuth- Tomoyo IchijoujiHassan- Daniel WhitelawDavis- Althea AseocheJerry- Andrew BuckleyCaptain Argus- Gareth BowleyCaptain Halifax- Calm ProtoDan- RebelcheeseOpening Music: Beyond Infinity by Peter ChenClosing Music: Victorious Day by Maestro RageAdditional Music:1.    Thrall’s Theme (Celestial Aeon Project)2.    Epic Unease (Kevin McCleod)4.     Western Streets (Kevin McCleod)5.     Caverns (Celestial Aeon Project)6.     Power Restored (Kevin McCleod)7.      Alphaanimalbbasuite (Denny Schneidemesser)sound effects:sounddogs.comfreesound project1862_Matt_G_Starship_Flybys_Pas