Peggy Willms

30 Days to Me ~ Recognize the Serendipity of Life



Lynn Reilly always knew supporting people is what she is meant to do. As the child of a mentally ill mother, she watched dysfunctional thoughts and patterns take over her mothers life and eventually end it. At a very young age, Lynn practiced listening to her mothers woes and helping her make sense of them. This became her foundational learning of psychology and study of behavior, as well as a motivator to support people with understanding their emotions. When she learned you can talk to people to support them in helping themselves, she thought for sure the job was designed just for her. Years of education and practice as a professional counselor and observer helped her become an expert in understanding the whys and hows of human behavior. Lynns skill is to read and understand behavior and thought patterns, however, her gift is to see the beauty and unexpected gifts which rise from our experiences. Lynn will give tips and tricks on how you, too, can recognize the Serendipity of Life. JOIN US!