Podrunner: Intervals -- Workout Music For Tempo-based Exercise

115-120 BPM - Recovery Mix 4.5 (Ramp Mix)



Recovering from surgery, injury, long absence from training? Podrunner's Recovery Series is designed to ease you back to a power-walk or slow-jog pace. This mix increases by one BPM every five minutes over half an hour. By the end, you will be at the gateway to all of the Podrunner fixed-tempo mixes, from 120-185 BPM! The entire Recovery Series is always available at https://www.podrunner.com/recovery.html. Consult your doctor before training, take breaks or stop when you need to. Donations, Merchandise, Newsletter, more: https://www.podrunner.com Steve Boyett - Groovelectric: Downloadable Soul https://www.groovelectric.com PLAYLIST: 01. Nissim Gavriel - Late Night Therapy 02. Mind Controlled Machines - Magenta 03. Marc Spieler - Illusion (Ming [GER] Remix) 04. B-Men - Who Inspires Me 05. Adam Sein - Fields of Serenity == Please support these artists == Podrunner is a registered trademark of Podrunner LLC. Music copyright © or CC the respective artists. All other material ©2006, 2020 by Podrunn