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Katy Kvalvik – Finding Peace During Adversity



Katy Kvalvik is our guest.  A few years ago… two consecutive accidents caused Katy to sustain multiple life-altering injuries that forced her to relearn almost everything… including how to walk.  As you can imagine, that experience of intentionally needing to put her mind and body back together inspired her to embark on an international journey to learn holistic mind, body, and spirit wellness.  Today, Katy has dedicated her life to sharing everything that she’s learned to empower others in their own wellness journeys… as well as finding peace no matter what… whether that’s in the living room or the board room. We’ve got lots to dig into… so let’s get to this. RESOURCES: Katy’s website: KatyKvalvik.com More on Katy’s Approach to Powerful (and peaceful) Listening: katykvalvik.com Katy Kvalvik’s Instagram: instagram.com Katy Kvalvik’s Facebook: facebook.com/HarmonyMethod  MORE ABOUT THE EPISODE: In the episode, we dig into powerful and specific strategies to help you achieve a sense of peac