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Harris III – Finding WONDER Again



Harris III is a professional illusionist who has performed his unique brand of magic and storytelling for more than two million people on five continents. His unique approach to magic, story-telling, and innovative thinking has also caught the attention of creative leaders and executives at organizations like Apple, Disney, Nike, and NASA. Harris has just written a new book called “The Wonder Switch.”  In it… he shares some great stories and powerful strategies to help you reclaim your wonder and reshape your life! Since wonder is at the heart of innovative thinking and bigger ideas… this is critical… especially right now.  So let’s get to this! RESOURCES: Harris III website: harrisiii.com The Book: harrisiii.com Harris III Instagram: www.instagram.com/harrisiii Facebook: www.facebook.com/harristhethird Twitter: twitter.com/HarrisII YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/HarristheThird MORE ON THE HARRIS III EPISODE: In addition to performing around the globe… when that’s safe to do…  Harri