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BONUS – Harris III – We Agree to Pray Episode



We’re talking with Harris III about how prayer has impacted his life and his work. Harris is a professional illusionist who has performed for more than two million people on five continents. His unique approach and innovative thinking have also caught the attention of executives at organizations like Apple, Disney, Nike, and NASA.  His new book is called “The Wonder Switch.”  I talked with him about all of THAT in episode 292 of DREAM THINK DO, so be sure to check that out.  But in this short BONUS interview, we talk about a powerful prayer experience that helped Harris to know that God wants to be in the details AND it changed the way he lived!  I think you’ll dig it! RESOURCES: Harris III website: harrisiii.com The Book: harrisiii.com Harris III Instagram: www.instagram.com/harrisiii Facebook: www.facebook.com/harristhethird Twitter: twitter.com/HarrisII YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/HarristheThird   LET’S HEAR FROM YOU! Let me know what you think about his story.  Have you ever